2 Responses to “Radical experiment in managing pain without narcotics – Validation of years of work”

  1. Kent Pritchard Says:

    I haven’t slept all night for three months; I go to bed at 10 and pop awake in pain around 2. I have a rotor cuff injury and tendonitis. My doctor prescribed physical therapy which I completed after two months and still do at home. Thursday, out of desperation for a good night’s sleep, I went back to my doctor. I was told, not much we can do for tendonitis. Can’t take NSAIDS due to ulcerative colitis and use of mesalamine, so doc prescribed pain medication and prednisone. I dropped off prescription at pharmacy and went back Friday to pick it up. Pharmacist said…can’t fill pain prescription without prior approval. Came home, called doctor’s office. Nurse told me she would call me back. SO..today is Saturday, and no call from doc., no pain medication, and no sleep. This is the first pain medication I’ve been prescribed or taken, in over 10 years….and due to the abuse of drugs by others, I can’t get it. What a country! It’s no wonder formerly honest people turn to thug, low life, street drug dealers! All I want is a couple of GOOD night’s sleep; what I get is lots of stress, anger, and frustration….and I’m STILL in pain!

    • Nancy Sajben MD Says:

      Prednisone can relieve all sorts of pain. I was always hesitant to prescribe it but since being prescribed prednisone, all sorts of pain is gone.

      Stay far away from opioids. They cause pain. We know the science. Decades of top science.

      Work with a yoga instructor who knows how to work with disabled. It will help you sleep. Avoid alcohol at all cost — healthy 20 year old male will waken 100 times on EEG after one beer. Research decades old. Try to unwind. sleep.

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