Addiction is the crisis. In 2002, “The income of drug barons is annual $254,000 million, greater than the American defense budget”

Addiction may strike your closest loved one next, if not already. THE ADDICTION EPIDEMIC HAS CAUSED 72,000 DEATHS FROM OVERDOSE IN 2017. ADDICTION IS THE CRISIS. THE BORDER WALL IS NOT THE CRISIS. Most of these deaths are due to opioids, many from fentanyl that is supplanting heroin. Fentanyl is 1000 times stronger than morphine. From the wealthiest to the poor, addiction is killing everywhere. This is a great threat to all of us. The shutdown over the border wall is not the only threat to the economy. Addiction threatens every economy. Addiction has killed more people in 2017 than guns, car crashes, or HIV/AIDS ever killed in a single year in the US.


“Forget about drug deaths and acquisitive crime, about addiction and AIDS; all this pales into insignificance before the prospect facing the liberal democracies of the West, like a rabbit in the headlights of an oncoming car. The income of drug barons is an annual $254,000 million, greater than the American defense budget.” [written 2002 before fentanyl exploded onto the market and sent prices far beyond that.]

Think dark money, offshore accounts.

“With this financial power they can suborn all the institutions of the State, and if the State resists, with this fortune they can purchase the firepower to outgun it. We are threatened with a return to the Dark Ages of rule by the gang.” pg. 193

The headline quote on income of drug barons is from Heroin Century, 2002 paperback, Routledge by Tom Carnwath, consultant psychiatrist working with drug misuse services in Manchester, and Ian Smith an ex-heroin user, who has since trained in sociology and is now Service Development Manager for drug services in Manchester. Substitute fentanyl with heroin. Every page raises more questions and importantly gives solutions that I thought impossible.

It’s a page turner, and will completely turn around your thinking. It can inspire a different border wall, one that does not hide to face the crisis and knows: it must be a huge effort, one that can make a president and congress proud to achieve. It is a huge problem, a worldwide pandemic that is killing people from wealthy to the poor. Our own president lost his brother to alcoholism. We all need to work together: Russia, China, Afghanistan, India, the West and the World Health Organization. There is no other way. If not already, each one of us will soon personally know someone who was killed by overdose. Heroin Century is fascinating, “written with insight and humor.”

Look no further than your favorite autocrats, dictators and plutocrats to see their ties to dark money.

Not just heroin. The same information continues to apply to all opioids including fentanyl that’s so potent it can kill a police officer just sniffing into the car standing outside an open car window. Addiction has been prevalent for thousands of years, Rome, Egypt, India, China. We cannot afford to bury our heads in a bucket of golf balls. 


’The book is written with insight and humour. It provides an informative platform for any future debate about heroin and how we can move away from the current impasse.’ – John Witton, Drug Link

‘This fascinating account should be read by anyone who wants to stay informed on the drugs debate.’ – New Statesman

‘If you read no other book on drug misuse, read this one … this is an intelligent book that requires intelligent reading … at the very least you will be well informed but at most you will be greatly entertained.’ – British Journal of General Practice

‘This level-headed, informative and witty book … should be read by every politician, parent and physician.’ – The Economist







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